Helping people to thrive in the second half of life


At Rose City Geropsychology, I help older adults and their families to maintain emotional well-being, overcome problems, and achieve maximum potential during later life by using the knowledge and methods of psychology.

I provide individual, couples, and group psychotherapy to a broad range of adults for issues associated with aging, such as:

  • handling emotional stress that comes with medical illness and disability
  • caring for an ill spouse or parent
  • feeling down, sad, or hopeless
  • struggling with worry or anxiety
  • concerns about memory or thinking abilities
  • lack of motivation or drive
  • grieving the loss of a loved one

My hope is that our work together will assist you with creating a fuller, more meaningful life in spite of challenging, perhaps unchangeable, circumstances.

Meghan Marty, PhD

About Dr. Meghan Marty

I am fascinated with the question of why some people age well and others do not. I believe the answer, in part, lies in determining how one copes with the multiple losses and transitions that often accompany later life. That’s why I have devoted my career to helping people to thrive in the second half of life.


1235 SE Division Street, Suite 115, Portland, OR 97202

(503) 451-1232